2017 All Souls’ Day Memorial Ceremony

The annual commemoration of All Souls’ Day in the Philippines is synonymous with the celebration of Qing Ming Festival in Chinese culture. This is the time of year when people give honor to their departed loved ones with respect and gratitude.

With the goal of upholding the teaching of compassion in Buddhism and of promoting the spirit of filial piety and the virtue of honoring our departed loved ones with proper memorial rites, Ocean Sky Chan Monastery has scheduled the holding of All Souls’ Day Memorial Ceremony on October 22, 2017, Sunday, 9am-2pm.

In the ceremony, the Amitahba Buddha Memorial Liturgy will be chanted. People will have the opportunity to make lamp and flower offerings to the Three Jewels. Included in the ceremony are the Grand Meal Offering and Memorial Ceremony. We will also respectfully invite the Abbess, Venerable Jianshu, to give the Dharma talk, after which Offering to the Sangha will be held.

With the help from the compassionate Three Jewels, pure auspicious merits will surely be generated through chanting, making pure vows and offerings by all participants. At the conclusion of the ceremony, these merits shall then be dedicated towards the attainment of world peace and prosperity for all the people. For our deceased relatives, whether loved ones or foes alike, may they transcend suffering and get reborn in the Pure Land. May all our loved ones be replete with blessings and wisdom. May all sentient beings across ten Dharma Realms be liberated from suffering and attain enlightenment.


Time Sequence of Ceremony
8:30 Registration Sign up
9:00 First Incense Incense Praise/Lamp & Flower Offering/ Chant the Amitahba Buddha Memorial Liturgy
10:30 Second Incense Grand Meal Offering/Memorial Prayer/Dharma Talk/Offering to the Sangha
12:00 Lunch Vegetarian Meal
14:00 Ride the Ox Home Clean up & Restoration

Venue: Ocean Sky Chan Monastery

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