2017 Chinese New Year Blessing Ceremony

nyposterIn upholding the Buddhist teaching of universal compassion by helping all sentient beings eradicate suffering and attain true happiness, Ocean Sky Chan Monastery has prepared an array of blessing activities to celebrate this year’s Chinese New Year, from January 28 to February 4, giving all people an opportunity to cultivate merits broadly. We welcome everybody to visit the monastery to pay respect to the Buddha, make offerings to the Three Jewels, cultivate both blessings and wisdom, at the same time, pray that all of our undertakings for the coming year be propitious, and that all our loved ones be spared from harm.

The blessing activities include the holding of the Chinese New Year Blessing Ceremony on the first day of the lunar year, January 28, from 9:00am to 1:00pm. During the ceremony, The Universal Gateway of Guanyin Bodhisattva will be chanted, followed by Grand Meal Offering, Blessing Ceremony and the Striking of the Monastic Drum and the Bodhi Bell. After the ceremony, we shall offer all merits towards the attainment of peace, happiness, blessings, and longevity; we shall also pray for prosperity for all nations, and world peace.

Over the period of eight days, from January 28 to February 4, the monastery will also highlight the Ten Auspicious Gateways to the Mind ~ Find the Precious Jewel of our True Nature. The Treatise on Awakening of Faith says: “When one cultivates by performing all good deeds, the process will naturally lead to Suchness (Buddhahood).” By doing meritorious deeds such as repentance, making vows, striking of the Bodhi bell, making offering to the Enlightened Sages, and making other extensive offerings, which are all aimed at finding the precious jewel of one’s true nature, one can truly say that he/she has obtained the most auspicious and precious wealth in the world.

The blessing activities are as follows:

Date/Time Blessing Activities
Jan. 28
Chinese New Year Blessing Ceremony
Vegetarian lunch is served for all visitors
Jan. 28 – Feb. 4 10:00am-5:00pm Ten Auspicious Gateways to the Mind ~ Find the Precious Jewel of Your True Nature

  • Auspicious Draw — Get the Jewel map.
  • Incense Offering —A sincere mind is the most auspicious.
  • Repentance and Making Vows — Cleansing the mind of all impurities.
  • Lamp Offering — The lamp of wisdom forever shines.
  • Flower Offering—When the mind flower blooms, one sees the Buddha.
  • Wishing Tree — The power of a sincere wish can ensure success.
  • Offering to Enlightened Sages — A clear mind brings blessings.
  • Buddhist Images — Mind-Transforming Treasures.
  • Bell Striking—The bodhi enlightened mind lives for eternity.
  • Blessing Pouches —Dharma joy in the Zen Mind.