2017 Qing Ming Festival and the Starting Ceremony of the Eight-Eight Buddhas Repentance Ceremony

2017QingMingThe Qing Ming Festival (清明節) is synonymous with the observance of All Soul’s Day in Philippines. It is a traditional Chinese activity, which falls sometime in April, when people and their families sweep the tomb of deceased relatives, or dedicate a memorial ceremony for them.

Every year, Ocean Sky observes the Qing Ming Festival by promoting the spirit of filial piety, and holding a gratitude memorial ceremony for all our ancestors. This year, 2017, The Eighty-eight Buddhas Repentance Liturgy will be chanted. All merits earned are dedicated to our deceased loved ones, so that they could eradicate their karmic obstacles in whatever realms they are in, be free from suffering, and realize their True Minds.

This is the true Buddhist way of observing Qing Ming.

The blessing activities are as follows

Date/Time Blessing Activities
April 2
First Incense
Chant The Eighty-Eight Buddhas Repentance Liturgy
April 2         11:00am Second Incense

  • Grand Meal Offering
  • Blessing and Memorial Ceremony
  • Dharma Talk
  • Offering to the Sangha
April 2         12:30pm Vegetarian Lunch