Ocean Sky Chan Monastery 15th Anniversary Celebration and Liang Huang Precious Repentance Ceremony

▍11/19-11/26 – Liang Huang Precious Repentance Ceremony
Liang Huang Precious Repentance Liturgy is the earliest and the longest repentance liturgy in China. It is also known as the “king of all repentance liturgies.” There are 1,275 names of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas listed in the liturgy. The merits derived from the practice of this liturgy are very auspicious and powerful, especially when we sincerely repent and resolve to eradicate our sins and to dedicate the merits to the deceased for their liberation.

The liturgy was compiled by Venerable Baozhi when Emperor Liang requested his help to liberate his wife, Empress Chi, from suffering in her rebirth as a python. From that inception until today, this liturgy has been in circulation for more than a thousand years. When we sincerely repent and prostrate in accordance with the liturgy, the Dharma water of compassion and wisdom can cleanse all our sins and wrongdoings, unlock all enmities and grievances, purify our bodies and minds, and eventually lead us to the attainment of Supreme Enlightenment.

▍11/ 30 15 Anniversary Ceremony
In upholding the great vows and compassion of Grand Master Wei Chueh, the Founding Patriach of Chung Tai Chan Monastery in Taiwan, Ocean Sky Chan Monastery has propagated Dharma for 15 years. We are greatly honored to have Venerable Jiandeng, the Abbot of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, to preside over the 15 Anniversary Ceremony of our monastery and conduct the Transmission of Three Refuges and Five Precepts. The public is welcome to attend this grand celebration, to listen to Dharma Talk, and share our Dharma joy.