Dharma Support

IMG_2434_borderThe Dharma Support Association of Ocean Sky was formed to support the monastery and its resident Dharma masters in accomplishing their objectives of helping all sentient beings realize the true meaning of Dharma, the teachings of Buddha.

The formation of this lay volunteer organization makes Ocean Sky one big family and a true home for many cultivators. It consists of practitioners and students of meditation who work together harmoniously in taking charge of the many myriad tasks that arise everyday in the Monastery.

Very visible with their selfless spirit at all events and daily operations of the Monastery, the hard working group of volunteers is made up of officers and their team members, starting from the President, the Vice Presidents, Consultants and Advisers, down to the Executive Officers, Executive Secretaries, and coordinators of different teams, such as acolytes, art design, chanting, culinary, environmental protection, fundraising, maintenance, photography, operations, reception, etc.

The Dharma Support Association gives a member the opportunity to practice the bodhisattva way by putting other people’s needs ahead of his/her own. By doing this, the volunteer applies all the Dharma teachings that they learned in class into the task at hand. In helping other people, a member also gets to receive tremendous benefits and merits. Indeed, it is a privilege and an honor to be included as a member of the Dharma Support Association of Ocean Sky.