Bodhi Star Parent’s Reflection – Michael Chan

I let my child join the Bodhi Star Summer Camp because I know that she can benefit a lot from the activities. She has learned how to do good deeds and is able to apply them in her daily activities. I can see that my child has improved because she has become more disciplined and responsible in what she does now. She is also more compassionate in everything that she does, and able to express herself better than before. In a way, she is practicing the virtues of a Bodhi Star.

I am grateful that she was able to experience all the wonderful activities. I’m also very proud of her, because after her 5 days of summer camp in the monastery, she has changed for the better and has really learned something.

Bodhi Star Parent’s Reflection – Floricel Centeno

The teachings of the Buddha is relevant not only for parents and adults, but also for the children, in that they can learn the virtues. The virtue of respect and the value of human life; respect for oneself, for others, and for the environment are essential for harmonious co-existence. The knowledge about Buddhism gives my child a lifelong learning experience that will guide her onto the right path of happiness and harmony. I believe that the teachings of Buddhism do not interfere with our religious beliefs. Instead, they guide us in cultivating the virtues necessary for harmonious human relationships.

My daughter has become more respectful and compassionate toward her sibling and other children. She could now be easily prodded to do things that needs to be done such as doing household chores. This kind of discipline is necessary for her to excel in school as well as in dealing with a lot of things in her chosen career in the future.