Dining Hall – Jasmin Cajiuat

I joined the Bodhi Star Summer Camp because the temple is a very good place to cultivate. I volunteered because I wanted to understand the different nature of people, to learn and practice kindness and compassion, to help in the preparation, and have a meaningful experience this summer.

In the past week being involved in some minor preparations for the Bodhi Star Summer Camp, I learned so many things about people, their different personalities, different understanding, and different perceptions. I managed to slow down my thinking, and realized that being logical had not helped me in understanding others. Instead, it had led my mind to more conflicts and confusion, by setting standards and expectations. I learned that no matter how pure my mind is, even without intention, no two persons would react in the same manner. I saw reasons, and causes and effects. I realized that I still have so much more to learn. (Amituofo.)