Other Classes

 Acolyte and Chanting Class

木魚Acolytes are attendants of Buddha and ushers in the Chan Hall. Acolyte students are taught how to be mindful in action, constantly learning how to reach a state of Zen mind. Everybody is required to work harmoniously with each other and help in decorating the Chan Hall for a ceremony. They are also trained to exude a serene disposition, to set a pure and calm atmosphere during Dharma ceremonies for the benefit of participants. These students should also be familiar with the sequence of a Dharma ceremony, and should help in the clean up and restoration of the venue after a ceremony. Chanting Class students study and learn how to play the different Dharma instruments, how to chant the mantras, melodies, verses of praise, and other common prayers. Through the practice of chanting, one can achieve concentration where body and mind become one.

Mandarin Class

As an adjunct to Buddhist classes, Mandarin Class is offered to Filipino students who want to learn the language. This is because Mandarin is most often used in liturgical chanting. The students learn in a fun and informal setting, where Shifu invents games and activities to encourage participation and learning. In addition, the students also come to appreciate the beauty and depth of the Chinese culture.