Beau dela Cruz
   Live in the present
Ofelia A. Santos
   Vegetarianism and Compassion
Caitlyn Domingo
   How I Joined Bodhi Star Class
Beatriz Monteza
   Meditation–A Journey into My Inner Life
Cristina D. Manejero
   My Change After Joining Ocean Sky
Wilhelmina S. Orozco
   Nothing Fixed, Everything Changing
Edward Chua
   What I have learned from Chan meditation
Ivan Tan
   True Happiness Through Fundamentals
Justin Abainza
   The Wisdom I Gained
Louie Inoncillo
   OSCM and Family
Lualhati O. Abainza
   My Daily Source of Strength and Stability
Myrna Suangco
   Ocean Sky and My Husband
Matt Baluyos
   The Heart of a Volunteer
Raphael Cardel Tinga Domingo
   Just Like a Sunny Spring Morning
Tricia Denise C. Zafra
   Compassion and Peace of Mind
Ronnie Go
   Embracing Buddhism the Second Time Around
Randy Villanueva
   A Deeper Understanding of My Real Purpose in Life
Anifrid Espinola
   I Learnt How to Forgive and Let Go
Veronica V. Dacillo
    Advocacies and Buddhism
Celia Cacdac
   My Deepest Gratitude
Pedro Cesar C. Ramboanga, Jr.
   It has Changed My Life
Christopher Val Vargas
   Empty Myself
Lolita Lutanco
   Who’s Drinking the Tea?
Gina Quidlat
   Tolerance and Patience
Benjamin Manalese
   A Calm and Tranquil Mind
Jen Yamut
   Cherish Every Moment
Kennedy Tuazon
   My First Taste of the Seven-Day Chan Meditation Retreat
Josephine Cortes
   Ocean Sky and I
Debby Ang
   Taking the Lay Bodhisattva Precepts
Nelson Tan
   We All Possess a Mind of a Buddha
Mari-Len Inoncillo
   Taking the Lay Bodhisattva Precepts
Raceli Domingo
   Tremendous Appreciation
Marita Yu
   Taking the Lay Bodhisattva Precepts
Sally Sy
   I Am Happier and More At Peace
Mary Tan
   Taking the Lay Bodhisattva Precepts
Steven Cokeng
   What I Learnt in the Monastery
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